The Great Funkadelini

It’s an odd day. I ran out of my adderall today, I’m not psychotic but a little addled. Also this mind thinks a lotta stuff about it’s mate from time to time but never expresses it. So when I came down with a terrible cold and came home from work I was a little more than funkadelic. I was Shazam, the great funkadelini. Expressive, strong, considerate, persuasive. My meditation must have kicked in. Anyways, sadly I was all of that without the Prana and chi. Without spirit you are nothing but an addled nothing. 🤪😭 goddess of nothing. Spirit in everything.

Published by: Elaine M

I’m a magical 44 year old who bargains she will experience joy and happiness someday and has aversion to the great pain and suffering from the past, who longs for the enlightenment of all in a gentle and loving way. Email me,

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