Me- the energy that is me, the person I am intended to be is not my mother

I imagine my dad in the after life thinking about me. I am his “dziecię” which means child. The energy which is that has been gone a long time. Nor am I mój which means mine, or moya, maya dziecię, watching me think about what my dad wants to communicate to me is like pulling teeth. Myself, lonely cold Elaine danuta always the observer of other people having her/themselves having a good time at her expense because other people’s names translate to polish for what I am to my dad. I wasn’t intended to have good times, I’m not responsible for the worlds drug and alcohol use and children and fucks. 0 fucks given. I am satisfied. My history has been confessed in Catholic Church and all that matters is that the demons leave. I can be happy that you’re happy – just like I am. We’re all happy.

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