School and work and how those two are working out

Happily I’ve been doing excellent in the one course I need for Ucf- and dropped two classes. The other class I kept was the psychology of adjustment. I’m taking a class in com2 which I need to be admitted to Ucf- but was thinking I’d go get an aa in addition to my as rather than go through applying to Ucf again. Currently I have a a in com 2- wish me luck in keeping it. I’m doing my very best.

I’ll find out this summer if I am accepted. I’ve contacted the students with disabilities office to ask if they can do grade forgiveness on my classes from 1996, I was mentally ill and not on meds. Wish me luck folks. I work 40 hours a week and go to school- not full time, but part time. My antipsychotics make reading and math hard. I had to drop environmental science and math concepts because I could not retain information and own it.

Reach for the stars

Published by: Elaine M

I’m a magical 44 year old who bargains she will experience joy and happiness someday and has aversion to the great pain and suffering from the past, who longs for the enlightenment of all in a gentle and loving way. Email me,

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