Alcohol rehab was fun.

It was perhaps the most ugly audial assault you can imagine, determined to stay sober and behaving when I got out without all of the glorification of prostitution, hard chemicals, and money. It got to where that life seemed like a clever tolerable decision. The brainwashing was harsh but I survived it, even on lactalose 2 weeks for ammonia levels that could lead to wet brain and I adjusted my insulin for the event that now suspected pancreatic problems did lead to transition from type 2 to type 1. And I broke free. My constant migraine and heart palpitations not being treated by the folks of another religion, caused me to bust open with acute withdrawal symptom telltale signs, and demand fir the er. I did tell the ambulance driver my issue, and I was baker acted 8 days, to emerge=well

Published by: Elaine M

I’m a magical 44 year old who bargains she will experience joy and happiness someday and has aversion to the great pain and suffering from the past, who longs for the enlightenment of all in a gentle and loving way.

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