spiritual penetration – not speaking of moral oral

I was aware of spirits as long as I could remember. I sat in shivering fear at imagined disturbances in my closet, things walking down the hallway, had intense paranoia as well as playful delusions and tendencies that are too many to mention. I was 13 when I carved a pentagram in my chest – maybe why I never fell in love and when I did it was an unthinkable person who I was in love with for years regardless of his insignificance. It was because while I would lie in bed for hours – the bed of pain, while demons and ghosts devoured my soul, my heart chakra would light up from time to time. I guess it distracted me and was dismissed. It later was replaced by super painful heart alpitations, another imbalance that sent me to the hospital time and time again.

My first memory was delusional, I watched in a black light environment as a doctor poured highlighted fluid down my leg and I was screaming. It is a fact I went to the doctor.

God never tells you how far you can go. He is all seeing – from above, but not within. The mate tells you how far you can go, as I tell you. Not my parents, not your lovers perspective, not your teacher or your government. ( on moral oral ) We are always hoping it feels right and good and hoping for no consequences. The gamble is real but in this one you can stop at any time. Listen to your heart.