New Development in Reverse Kundalini

I have little to write about as I seem to have been cured, with an awful replacement- kind of a toll as I see it – nuerogeneratige disease that leaves me weak to point of collapsing, forgetful, dizzy, episodes where I can’t scream or talk and when I do it’s not my own voice. periodically. My brain has atrophied from antipsychotics. They never helped. Now I’m operating on my purest mind, wish me luck on retaining the memories that count, I’ve fired my doctors for a script writer that allows me to pick out what is best for me along with the best trandreversitol and IDRA-121. I’m not dead yet. 101 petty diseases that just plain don’t kill you. Story of my life and my huge medical bills I’m lucky enough to be employed to undergo getting help even if I can’t scream for it.